…there are the books which dig until they hit absolute bedrock and the shovel can go no farther until government archives spill forth their treasures…if ever. In the Eye of History: Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence by William Matson Law with Allan Eaglesham, is, to date, this year’s runaway winner of the “best dig to be published” award. (Read full article here)

Walt Brown, author/ JFK Researcher

While this book would appeal to anyone with an interest in the Kennedy Assassination, for those with a particular bent for all things medical, this work is essential reading. Buy it asap!

Vincent Palamara, author

…a great read and enlarges one’s knowledge about the autopsy and the skullduggery at the morgue. Sibert gets my respect for wanting to get the truth out and William deserves congratulations for his perseverance and hard work — and I must not forget the editor Allan Eaglesham.

Gerry Greenstone, JFK Researcher


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