William’s New Book

His newest book will hit the shelves very soon!


Purchase William Law’s “In The Eye of History:Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence” and get a free book and presentation on CDrom: Brad Parker’s “First on the Scene: Interviews With Parkland Doctors.”

CD Rom Includes:

  • A series of interviews and essays with the Dallas Parkland Hospital doctors.
  • Also testimony and interviews by the Warren Commission, House Select Committee On Assassinations, and the Assassination Records Review Board. SC, 218 pages.
  • Full book with all illustrations
  • Parkland Hospital’s Dr. Ronald C. Jones’ presentation at JFK Lancer’s November In Dallas Conference 2000. (Quicktime)

  • Treat yourself, you deserve it, and don’t miss out! Order yours today!

    Our Price: $35 for both items

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